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Brakes are crucial to stop your vehicle and is the most important safety aspect of a car. If your brakes fail, you will not be able to stop in a proper manner resulting in lost of control or accident. It is important to check your brake every time you service the engine oil or even when you feel unconfident with your braking system. People usually doesn’t realized their brake are worn out or even the brake disc are to the very minimum thickness. Good driving ethics and cautious driving can prolong brake life.

As part of the certified brake experts by Brembo, our mechanics has been trained to perform brake service for optimum driving safety. We carry high quality brake products including strong brands such as BREMBO, REMSA, SANWA and AKEBONO.

Call us if you need your brake inspected.

  • Brakes services and repair
  • Brake pad replacement
  • Brake rotor / disc replacement
  • Brake oil change
  • ABS Module Repair and Replacement


Lowest prices for pads and discs

Car Brand Rear
Proton RM 88 RM 75
Perodua RM 88 RM 75
Honda RM 125 RM 110
Toyota RM 125 RM 110
BMW / Mini RM 250 RM 230
Mercedes-Benz RM 250 RM 7230


Fixed Price Brake Replacement Schedule based on your engine size


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Our services include transmission repair on both manual and automatic transmissions. If repair isn’t an option, we can rebuild or replace your vehicle’s transmission.
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